We make you (real estate agents) look good!

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We make you (real estate agents) look good! As a real estate agent you wear lots of hats! Your job is to solve a problem for your client. If you have a buyer you are expected to find the right house for your client. If you have the seller you are expected to find the right buyer. That’s not hard! JK.
While it sounds straightforward, it most certainly is not. One of the best ways for agents to be successful is by finding trustworthy partners. Lenders, contractors, attorneys, and home inspectors are all on the agents team. Picking the right one can make you look good and make life easier, but choosing the wrong one can make it a nightmare.
At Apex Inspections we take this very seriously. When you refer us to your client you are asking us to not only perform an inspection, but to treat your client well. When we do a good job, you look good which makes life easier! Here are a few ways we make you look good:
  • I answer the phone. What is worse than getting a referral for someone and then calling them and getting no answer? I do my best to answer every call (even if on the roof or in crawlspace). If I can’t, a text goes out and I return that call ASAP.
  • I treat the client with respect at every interaction. I grew up in the south so I say yes sir and no sir.
  • I don’t try to impress people with fancy or scary language in the report. I have almost 2 decades of experience, but the client needs to know in basic language what is going on. Unless I think there is a major safety issue I do not use scary language. I inform and move on.
  • I make it easy for agents! You can send me one text with all the information needed and I can take it from there. I have access to Supra in GA and NC so I can access most homes in the area. I don’t need you to run around to help me get my job done!
When you refer your client to Apex Inspections you can rest assured that they will be treated with absolute professionalism and respect. We want you to look good!

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