What to Expect from a Home Inspection

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Getting a home inspection for many people is when the stress of a home purchase begins. You found the home of your dreams and now comes the reality of finding what could be wrong. Will the inspector come back with horrible news that the house is infested with termites and is about to fall apart? Getting the report for many is a stressful moment in time. Here are some things to expect with your home inspection to help you not stress out.

  1. There will be defects found. No home is free of defects. Even brand new homes have some issues. What a home inspector is looking for are the major defects and those items that need some attention before they become bigger issues. Most of what an inspector finds are delayed maintenance items. There was a small leak that didn’t get repaired properly and now there are some floor stains or water damage. These are typical and you should be prepared for some of this.

  2. The language in a report can be scary. Many states require certain language that an inspector has to use in the report. Inspectors are not creating a solution, they are simply pointing out the issues. Inspectors are not determining what caused the issue in many cases either. If the roof is leaking, the inspector will say the roof is leaking and you should contact a roofing contractor.

  3. Our suggestion to contact a contractor is only a suggestion. If we say a gutter needs to be extended out, if you decide to extend it out you can do it yourself if you wish. Again, the language we use in a report is regulated by the states we work in.

  4. Your report will include a summary and a full report. The summary is just that. It highlights the most important issues. However, the report has tons of information that can help you maintain your home after the purchase. It will include pictures and descriptions of materials and features in the home. It is highly recommended you read the full report.

  5. As the client you are encouraged to attend the inspection. Inspections usually last around 2-3 hours depending on the size of the house and the amount of issues found. Feel free to attend so you can see the different components of the home.

An inspection is a glimpse into the home you are purchasing. It is also a great starting point to know how to maintain your home once you move in. Add onto the initial inspection our Annual Home Inspection you are well on your way to keeping your home safe and comfortable. Contact us today at 470-472-4663 or schedule now!


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