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We work hard to treat your clients with the care and concern that we would want ourselves when buying a home. Our priority is to give your client thorough knowledge of the home in an efficient way. We include pictures and simple explanations of any issues found in the inspection report.


We believe knowledge is power. We provide thorough, extensive reports that include pictures and easy to understand language. A long report does not equate a bad inspection, it means you now have detailed knowledge of the home you are investing in.


With all the moving parts of a real estate contract and small due diligence periods, having an inspection prior to entering into a contract will reduce any surprise delays that arise during buyer inspection. This can help you keep the time-line and closing moving forward without delay.

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Home inspections met with precision, timeliness and thoroughness.

At Apex Inspections LLC, our priority is providing the highest level of home inspection solutions to our clients. As home inspectors with extensive experience, we make sure to deliver precise results by utilizing the most advanced technologies and methods available.

When it comes to home inspection, experience matters. An experienced home inspector is your best bet for ensuring the safety and stability of your home. With an experienced inspector like us, you can rest assured that we will identify any potential issues quickly and accurately so you can plan accordingly.

Apex Inspections LLC brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. With a combination of education, experience and training in the home inspection industry, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your home. We look for any visible issues like structural defects, pest invasions, faulty electrical wiring and more. In addition, we also test for radon gas and other environmental hazards that may be present.

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